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Warri/Itakpe Rail Station – Ticketing, Fares, Arrival, Departure and Everything You Need To Know

You can now use the Warri/Itakpe Rail Station to travel from Warri, Delta State, to Kogi State for convenience and safety.

The Warri to Itakpe rail lines built by the Nigerian Railway cooperation cuts through Warri, Sapele, Itakpe, Ajaokuta, and all the way to Esanland in Edo State

How to book train tickets from Itakpe to Warri

The Warri/Itakpe Railway lines have resumed full commercial service, and they now operate every day of the week.

The process of booking a train ticket from Warri to Itakpe is pretty straightforward.

  • Determine your departure time.
  • Go to the train station of your choice at least 30 minutes before the departure time.
  • Register and buy your ticket.

Cost of train ticket from Itakpe to warri

The cost of transportation at the station has increased this year from the previous rate of N2200.

New rates
Economy: 3000
First Class: 5500

To buy your ticket online, Click Here

Departure time at Warri/Itakpe train station

Official Arrival and Departure Timing


Itakpe: Departure(14:00)

Ajaokuta: Arrival(14:36) … Departure(14:41)

Itogbo: Arrival(15:07) … Departure(15:09)

Agenebode: Arrival(15:28) … Departure(15:31)

Uzea-Uromi: Arrival(15:53) … Departure(16:08)

Ekehen: Arrival(16:32) … Departure(16:35)

Igbanke: Arrival(17:01) … Departure(17:04)

Agbor: Arrival(17:20) … Departure(17:25)

Abraka: Arrival(17:51) … Departure(17:56)

Okpara: Arrival(18:17) … Departure(18:20)

Ujevwu: Arrival(18:47)

Recently there are two daily trips from Itakpe to Warri – morning train and afternoon.

Morning: 8.30AM
Afternoon: 2.45PM


Ujevwu: Departure (08:00)

Okpara: Arrival(08:27) … Departure(08:30)

Abraka: Arrival(08:50) … Departure(08:55)

Agbor: Arrival(09:21) … Departure(09:26)

Igbanke: Arrival(09:46) … Departure(09:49)

Ekehen: Arrival(10:11) … Departure(10:14)

Uzea-Uromi: Arrival(10:38) … Departure(10:53)

Agenebode: Arrival(11:16) … Departure(11:19)

Itogbo: Arrival(11:38)…Departure(11:40)

Ajaokuta: Arrival(12:06) … Departure(12:11)

Itakpe: Arrival(12:47)

WARNING: No “African Time”

Warri Train

There are 12 stations/Stops on Warri/Itakpe on Nigeria Central line

  1. Itakpe Station
  2. Eganyi (here’s where the link to Abuja will be, via Baro Port)
  3. Ajaokuta.
  4. Itogbo
  5. Agenebode
  6. Uromi
  7. Igueben-Ekehen
  8. Igbanke
  9. AW7: Agbor Station & Railway Facilities Yard (aka GEJ Railway Complex)
  10. Abraka
  11. Okpara
  12. Ujevwu

To buy your ticket online, click here

Advantages of travelling by rail in Nigeria

  • Rail transport is Safe Avoidable Accidents
  • It is more reliable than road accidents.
  • It is more convenient.
  • Rail transport is safe from Kidnappings and Armed Bandits

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