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Untold Story of Kabba – The First Headquarter Of Kogi State

Kabba is a city in Kogi State, North-central Nigeria, located near the Osse River, which is at the intersection of roads from Lokoja, Ogidi, Okene, Ado-Ekiti, and Egbe town.

The entire Kogi state area was once referred to as Kabba Province, owing to the fact that Kabba was the administrative headquarters of the province under the old Northern Region of Nigeria.

Kabba town was a trade Centre for cocoa, coffee, yams, cassava, maize, sorghum, shear nuts, peanuts (groundnuts), beans, cotton, and woven cloth (aso ofi) produced by the Yoruba, Ebira, Ogori and other tribes of the surrounding area.

Kabba is home to the ancient Sacred Heart Catholic church which has produced many priests in Nigeria and across the globe including the Cardinal John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan who was once the President, Christian Association of Nigeria.

The inhabitants of Kabba speak a distinct dialect of the Yoruba Language called Owe.

Kabba is the current administrative headquarters of Kabba/Bunnu local government area, Kogi state.

The traditional leadership in Kabba is divided into three arms namely: Obaro, Obadofin and Obajemu, with the Obaro who is also the chairman of the Okun traditional council as head.

Obaro of Kabba, Oba Solomon Owoniyi

The current Obaro of Kabba is Oba Solomon Owoniyi (Obaro Oweyomade 1). He climbed the throne in 2018 after the demise of Oba Michael Olobayo (Obaro Ero Il). His palace is situated at Odo-Aofin.

Some notable settlements in Kabba town includes Surulere, Egbeda, Gbeleko, Okedayo, Aiyeteju, Odi-olowo, Kajola, Odo-ero, Odolu, Fehinti.

The other settlements in Kabba which is referred to as Ikowaopa includes: Iyah, Otu, Kakun, Ohakiti, Obele, Ogbagba, Ayonghon, Ayedun, Ayetoro Egunbe of Obangogo, Iduge, Adesua, Asanta, Korede, Okekoko, Katu, Apanga and others.

Importantly, Kabba kingdom is divided into three major communities with a total of 14 clans.

Kabba – 6 clans.

Katu – 3 clans.

Odolu – 5 clans

List of Secondary Schools in Kabba, Kogi state include:

  • Government Science School Okedayo
  • Federal Government Girls College
  • Saint Augustine’s College
  • Saint Monica’s College
  • Sacred Heart College Iyah – Kabba
  • Saint Barnabas Secondary School
  • Bishop McCalla Secondary School
  • Local Government Comprehensive High School
  • Christ Secondary School
  • Oloruntobi Group of Schools
  • Green Valley Grammar School
  • Local Government Secondary School Kakun
  • Aunty Fola Excel School
  • Wise Virgin Secondary School
  • Local Government school Otu-Egunbe

The two Schools of higher learning in Kabba are: Kogi State College Of Education Technical, Okedayo, and College of Agriculture, a division of Agricultural Colleges Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

Some Notable people from Kabba are: Archbishop John Onaiyekan, Ben Owoleke, Jumabee, Steve Babaeko, Prince Mathew Kolawole, etc.

The story of Kabba cannot be complete without mentioning that it was the first administrative headquarters of Kogi State.

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