Tuesday, February 20, 2024

THE WALLS OF EGBE – 18th Century Ancient Monument In Nigeria

Built in the 18th Century, the walls of Egbe is one of the ancient monuments in Nigeria.

In ancient times, several cities in Africa and around the world had a culture of building walls around them for different reasons, and the most common reason is to prevent enemies and invaders from attacking the city.

Defensive walls are fortification mostly used to keep watch on a city, town or other settlement from potential enemies.

We’ve learnt about the great wall of china, the Jerusalem wall, walls of Benin, the walls of Kano, Atlantic wall, etc.

The 18th century walls of Egbe are one of the reasons Egbe town is called the Jerusalem of Nigeria.

History of Egbe Wall

When the people of Egbe moved from Ijodo, they settled in a place called Akitipo.

Their stay at Akitipo didn’t last long because it was discovered that the place is equally venerable to enemy attack because there were no natural features like hills, stream, nor mountain to protect them from invaders.

They eventually relocated to a place called ORUN EGBE, the headquarters at the present site of ile-egbe (Ajewo palace).

The immediate concern of the people of Egbe at that point was to secure it against invaders and enemies.