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The Okun Traditional Attire

The Okun traditional attire is fast becoming popular among the people as it is used for political, economy and social meetings.

As I sat down eating the locally made jollof rice prepared by my Late Grandma, I heard “okun o”

The same statement went for about 7 times till both parties parted ways. I looked at my elder sister and asked “can’t the greeting just be once?.

She smiled and replied “that’s how people greet in the village “. So I kept my peace.

This brings me to our main topic “OKUN TRADITIONAL ATTIRE”. Lets have a quick look into their culture.

Okun people is the word used to describe groups of Yoruba speaking communities, who are the Yoruba of Kogi State, North Central Nigeria.

They are collectively called “OKUN” which in Yoruba language means vitality or strength. The word is commonly used in greeting among the people.

According to History, Okun people migrated from Ile ife and are spread across 6 local government areas in Kogi State, namely Ijumu, Kabba/Bunu, Yagba East, Yagba West, Mopamuro, and Lokoja Local Government.

Okun people speak varied Yoruba dialects namely Owe, Iyagba, Ijumu, Bunu which are mutually intelligible to a great extent.

The Okun groups share similar dressing, traditional religion culture etc., and are predominantly known for farming and hunting.

Yeye Oge of Okun

Okun people practice Christianity, Islam and Traditional Africa Religion.

The OKUN TRADITIONAL ATTIRE known as Aso ibile Okun was unveiled on 28th December 2016 at the crowning of Mrs Yeye Omoleye Aiyelabowo as Yeye-Oge of Okun land.

The Okun Traditional Attire is made up of four (4) colors: BLUE, WHITE, GREEN & BROWN.

Blue stands for Loyalty (building strong and dependable relationship)
White stands for purity.

Green stands for Fertility.
Brown stands for material security and acquirement of material possessions.

Ooni of ife accepting a gift of Okun attire fabric

The Okun traditional attire is fast gaining ground among the people as it serves as the attire for political, economy and social meetings.

It’s beauty and diversification of color will pose a unique spot/attraction for the OKUN BRIDE.

Okun woman

The okun traditional attire readily goes with White, gold or Tan Brown, Black and beautiful plain colors depending on your choice.

Credit: Tolulope Owotunse Aboki

A Brief History Of Okun People – The Yorubas in Kogi

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