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The Major Cities and Towns in Kogi State

Kogi state has 21 local government areas, and various cities, towns, and villages.

Most of the major cities in kogi state are headquarters to the various local governments which they fall into.

Here is a list of 10 major cities and towns in Kogi state:


Lokoja the capital city of Kogi state, and one the oldest cities in Nigeria. It is the present administrative capital of Kogi, and one time the capital of Nigeria during the colonial era. English language and pidgin English are the most widely spoken languages in Lokoja.


Okene town is the capital of Okene Local Government. Okene is the most densely populated town in Kogi state. Ebira Language is the dominant language in Okene.


Idah town is considered the seat of power of the Igala people. It is an ancient town where the Attah of Igala land lives. Igala is the main language in Idah.


Under the colonial rule, Kabba was the most prominent town in present day Kogi state. Yoruba is the language spoken in Kabba.


Anyigba is the headquarter of Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi state. It is also the town where Kogi state University is situated. Igala is the most widely spoken indigenous language in Anyigba.


Egbe Mekun, is one of the most historic towns in the Yagba West local government area of Kogi State. It is commercial town in Okun land. Yagba dialect of Yoruba is the most widely spoken indigenous language in Egbe town.


Ankpa is an historic town located in Ankpa local government area of Kogi state. It a commercial and densely populated local government. It also known to have a huge deposit of solid mineral resources, especially coal. Ankpa people speak Igala Language.


Ajaokuta is home to the famous Ajaokuta Iron and steel company. It is the headquarter of Ajaokuta local government Area of Kogi state. The major languages spoken in Ajaokuta are Ebira, Igala, Bassa.


Koto is a riverine community in Kogi state. The major language spoken there are Egbura Kotto.


Obajana is home to the famous Dangote cement factory. The major languages spoken in Obajana are Yoruba, hausa, Ebira.

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