Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Dark Secrets of Prophet TB Joshua – Summary of BBC Documentary on the Synagogue Church

The BBC have release a three-part documentary exposing the alleged atrocities and sexual crimes committed by the late Pastor Temitope Balogun Joshua, widely known as TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all nations.

TB Joshua also runs a reality TV show title Emmanuel TV on YouTube and DSTV.

Prophet TB Joshua passed away on June 5, 2021, and three years later the BBC conducted an investigation by interviewing at least 30 former members and workers of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

Here is the summary of the 3hrs video title DISCIPLES: Cult of TB Joshua:

1. TB Joshua watched & lambasted famous Western televangelist, but deep down he wanted to be like them, even bigger.

2. He realized televangelism was the way to attain wealth. This birthed Emmanuel TV, a 247 TV show.

3. He doesn’t have a house where he stays with his family. He stays alone in a lavish house (5th story) at the top of his church building.

4. He had a group of boys called “5 story brothers” who had to tend to all his house needs down to “nudity”.

5. He pours Honey in his underwear before he wears them.

6. After he delivers his acts from the devil on live TV, he’ll relocate them to his prayer mountain. A prayer warrior said the relocation was not to pray but for diabolical reasons.

7. He was fond of talking about sexual immorality as a topic. His disciples were told everything sexual was bad and wrong.

8. He created narratives about most women. Virtually every issue a woman has to do with sexual issues.

9. Got a woman to write “I am a prostitute from Namibia” 400 times on paper and sign on camera. This said the woman was a virgin at the time, so it didn’t make sense to her.

10. He calls some members to his room at night that others he doesn’t call try to outdo each other to be called.

11. He would play loud music & allegedly carry out sexual acts on female disciples. He lures them by calling the intercom & telling them to come upstairs to read their Bible notes.

12. He made the disciples believe he wasn’t living with him because she was sent to tempt him.

13. There were emergency discipleship meetings in the mid night, instigated by the sound of an alarm bell. This is where disciples snitch on each other.

14. A disciple once confided in another that TB Joshua groped her. She regretted it when she was reported in that meeting.

15. He beat her up and acquitted himself of the “rumor”.

16. When asked why he loves to humiliate people, he always responded with “I know what I’m doing”.

17. TB Joshua is duplicitous (2 faced). Generosity on Emmanuel TV.
Evil behind the scenes.

18. Ajoke (his biological daughter) outside wedlock grew like an outcast in the synagogue. He hated her and lied she was filled with evil, with instructions that disciples should beat her on sight.

He wanted her out of existence so bad cos she was a threat to his reputation.

19. He took the virginity of the 17 year old Namibian lady in point 9 above. He also raped many more female disciples in similar manner.

20. He made disciples employ virgin girls into the discipleship. Disvirgins them in his room & takes the bloodied sheets to prayer mountain.

21. This is why he is termed a ritualist. He’ll wear a red garment and with a sword in his hands, enter a room filled with smoke and the pictures of the disciples.

Not his wife, nor himself, but the disciples alone.

These photos were mostly of ladies.

22. He designed the building himself for secrecy. He would tell the female disciples to come in via any one of the 4 doors leading to his private room and raped them over and over again.

23. It allegedly happened 4 to 5 times per week and forced them into abortions.

24. He has a special clinic the abortions were done with the help of a “mother” at a location within the synagogue called the “medical department”.

25. The abortions were done via poison drinking or metal tool evacuation.

26. Ajoke, his biological daughter out of wedlock, who the disciples now call a hero, got tired and confronted him.

He beat her and disciples joined hands and kept beating her with belts and chains.

She was locked up in a room for months as punishment.

Biggest Churches in the world

These are some of the allegations as seen in the BBC documentary on TB Joshua.

The scandals in Synagogue church have been reported for many years but it only came to limelight when BBC stepped in.

TB Joshua’s cause of death was attributed to heart attack, but some people are of the opinion that he took his own life for fear of being exposed by his disciples.