Thursday, February 22, 2024

Mysterious Inachalo River in Kogi state where the fishes can’t be cooked

One of the most mysterious places in Nigeria is the cursed Inachalo river at Idah town in Kogi state.

It is believed that when you catch a fish from Inachalo River, and you attempt to cook it for consumption the fishes will constantly remain raw no matter amount of heat you apply.

The grave of Princesse Oma-Odoko is situated near the Inachalo river.

The grave and statue of Princess Oma-Idoko

In ancient times, king Idoko who ruled Igala Kingdom during the incessant inter-tribal wars between the Jukuns and Igala people, Kind Idoko made an order for the Inachalo River to be poisoned as a war tool to weaken the Jukuns because the Jukun wariors depend daily on the river for food and water whenever they came for attack on Igala Kingdom.

Many Jukun soldiers become weak and and eventually died of starvation and food poisoning during the Igala-Jukun war.

As part of rituals to end the war and bring peace to Igala land, Princess Oma-Odoko was buried alive along with nine other females.

The Igala people won the war and remained peaceful.