Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Steps to Sell Your Products in a Nigerian Supermarket | MOQ, and other Requirements

If you have a product and you are looking for means to sell your products in a Nigerian supermarket your product in supermarkets and malls across Nigeria, here’s an interesting article on how to get them listed.

This secret was revealed by the floor manager in charge of procurement for one of the biggest supermarkets in southwest Nigeria.

He revealed some series of information on how one can get his or her products on the supermarket shelf.

Here are some answers to questions on how to sell your products in Nigerian supermarket:

What are the requirements  to sell your products in Nigerian supermarkets?

The major requirements is having a NAFDAC registration number if it’s an edible product. 

Your product must be well packaged and must carry the address and contact of the seller.

It is preferrable for the product to be something people already know and want to buy as the supermarket wants to sell and make money as well. 

How to get NAFDAC number

Processes to follow?

After your product has met the above requirements, you need to approach the supermarket (by visiting their store) with samples of your goods.

Ask for the supervisor, floor manager, head of procurement or general manager (different supermarket have different name they use).

Tell them you want to sell your products to them and state the price of each size of product (quick tip;make sure you compare your price to what they are already selling so it’s competitive).

If it’s a product they might want to shelf, they will ask you to drop samples and probably tell you to wait for some days or weeks for them to get back to you.

If after checking and they accept your product they will ask you to supply a certain quantity (make sure you write an invoice that carries the product name, amount, total amount and your bank account details.

Is NAFDAC number compulsory before selling in Nigerian supermarkets?

YES for edible products, NAFDAC number is mandatory. According to Nigerian laws, non-edible products don’t need NAFDAC number to be listed in Nigerian stores.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Different Supermarkets have different Minimum order quantities. Some supermarkets usually order for 1 carton minimum while others may have their own quantity for the first order make sure you ask.

How and when do you get paid?

For your first supply, they will probably pay you after they finish selling your products (but this can vary depending on how you are able to negotiate. In some cases, you may get paid upfront.

How you get paid 

The supermarket will pay directly into the bank account you provided on the invoice.

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