How to Apply for the QuestBridge Scholarship 2024

QuestBridge Scholarship

Did you know that only 3% of students at America’s top colleges come from the bottom 25% of the income distribution? This means that millions of talented and deserving students from low-income backgrounds are missing out on the opportunity to attend some of the best colleges in the country. But what if there was a way to change that? What if there was a scholarship program that could match you with a top college and cover all your expenses? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. It’s called the QuestBridge National College Match, and it could be your ticket to a bright future. In this blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about this unique and amazing scholarship program, including what it is, how it works, who can apply, and how to apply.


What is the QuestBridge Scholarship?

QuestBridge Scholarship

The QuestBridge National College Match is a unique scholarship program that stands out among the top opportunities for high-achieving, low-income students.

Here’s what makes QuestBridge distinct:

  • Matching Program: Instead of traditional scholarship applications, QuestBridge offers a matching process. High-ranking students with financial needs can apply to up to 12 partner colleges through a single application. Based on academic achievements, personal statements, and financial information, the program will “match” them with one of the colleges they ranked.
  • Full Scholarship: If matched, students receive a full-ride scholarship, covering tuition, room and board, travel expenses, and books and supplies. This eliminates the need for student loans or parental contributions.
  • Focus on Low-Income Students: QuestBridge specifically prioritizes high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds, providing a crucial path to top colleges for those who might otherwise face financial barriers.

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Types of QuestBridge Scholarship

The QuestBridge scholarship program has two components:

  • The National College Match
  • And the College Prep Scholars Program.

The National College Match is the core program that matches high school seniors with partner colleges and provides full scholarships. The College Prep Scholars Program is a pre-application program that helps high school juniors prepare for the National College Match by offering awards and opportunities such as college visits, summer programs, essay coaching, and more. You can apply to both programs, but they have different eligibility criteria and deadlines. The National College Match application is due in September of your senior year, while the College Prep Scholars Program application is due in March of your junior year. You can find more information about each program on the QuestBridge website.

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Eligibility Criteria for the QuestBridge Scholarship

To be eligible for the QuestBridge scholarship, you must:

  • Be a high school senior with a strong academic record (GPA, test scores)
  • Demonstrate financial need (determined by federal guidelines)
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

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Key Dates for the QuestBridge Scholarship

The QuestBridge scholarship has the following key dates:

  • Application deadline: September 28th
  • Match notification: Mid-December
  • Regular decision application deadline for matched colleges: Varies (typically in January)

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Benefits of Applying for the QuestBridge Scholarship

Applying for the QuestBridge scholarship has many benefits, such as:

  • Increased access to top colleges: QuestBridge has partnerships with 40 prestigious colleges and universities across the country, including Stanford University, MIT, Columbia University, and many more.
  • Simplified application process: The single application streamlines the process, saving time and effort compared to applying to multiple colleges.
  • Financial support: If matched, the full-ride scholarship offers peace of mind and allows students to focus on their studies without financial worries.

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How to Apply for the QuestBridge Scholarship

To apply for the QuestBridge scholarship, you need to follow these steps:

  • Check your eligibility: Carefully review the eligibility criteria on the QuestBridge website (
  • Gather application materials: This includes transcripts, test scores, financial information, and personal essays.
  • Rank your college choices: Research and select up to 12 partner colleges you’d like to be matched with.
  • Submit your application: Complete the online application by the deadline.

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Additional Resources for the QuestBridge Scholarship

Here are some additional resources that can help you with the QuestBridge scholarship:

  • QuestBridge website:
  • FAQs:
  • Financial Aid Information:


The QuestBridge scholarship is one of the most prestigious and generous scholarship programs for high-achieving, low-income students in the country. It matches students with top colleges and provides full scholarships, eliminating the need for loans or parental contributions. It also simplifies the application process and increases access to top colleges for students who might otherwise face financial barriers. If you are interested in applying for this program, you should start preparing your application materials as soon as possible. You should also visit the official website and resources for more information and guidance.

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