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Princess Inikpi of Igala Kingdom – True Story of a Princess who Was Buried Alive to Save Her People

Princess Inikpi was the only beloved daughter of the great King Ayegbu Oma Idoko, the then Atta of Igala kingdom.

The Igala people refer to her as Inikpi oma’ufedo baba, meaning “Inikpi, the father’s beloved.” She was beautiful and intelligent.

At some point, a war broke out between the Bini kingdom and the Igalas. And nowhere was safe in the whole Igala land kingdom.

The farmlands were being taken away by the enemies and the streams poisoned so that anyone that drank from them would die.

The Igalas feared death from starvation and lack of water. The Attah of igala kingdom was worried about the situation, and he decided to consult the gods of the land for possible solutions.

When the oracle was consulted, it proclaimed that for Igala to claim victory against the Bini kingdom in the ongoing war, the princess, and only daughter of the king would be buried alive.

When King Ayegbu Oma Idoko was informed of the only solution to forestall the destruction of his homeland by the Oracle through some eunuch in his palace, he was crushed and heartbroken and shed tears for days. He earnestly wished there was an alternative.

For days, the king could neither eat nor drink. The princess noticed how downcast her father was and asked to know the reason behind his sadness.

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Instead of opening up, he refrained from telling her the story for seven days, but on the eight day, he relented and told her the words of the Oracle.

Princess Inikpi did not object, she did not fight, she made the sacrifice for Igala land

She went voluntarily on that day to the bank of River Niger, where she was offered herself to be buried alive.

It was a sad resolution but the Igala people hailed Inikpi for her heroism.

After the sacrifice, the story went on that as the Bini armies advanced to swoop, they saw the whole town in FLAMES and retreated feeling that there was no need taking war to a place already on fire; but it was the blood of Inikpi that got them deceived.

There is Statue of Princess Inikpi Situated in Idah, Kogi state

Written by: Patricia Ojochide Amodu

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