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THE FORGOTTEN ROOT – Message To Every Okun Man And Woman


Many of us are guilty of this; in one way or another, we often forget who we were or from where we came from because of our newfound place.

Some years ago, when a man found a new faith, he will throw away his own family and relatives. His new religious Instructor will tell him to distance himself from his own people or even kill them because they are accursed and are “infidel”.

When he finds a new friend, most probably the old ones will be neglected.

When he finds a new job, the colleagues at his former place of work becomes irrelevant.

Any religion, faiths, friends, and even your spouse that tells you to forget your own people (because life is now better for you without them) is telling you lies. In fact, such individuals are setting you up for extinction. It is like digging up the root that made the stem or like cutting off the old branches 🎋 that produced the new.

You have a root to care for!

You have a family name to protect. You have a parent to keep honouring no matter how old and needy they may be. You have a relative with whom you grew up. And they must be cared for as long as you live. You have childhood friends to still cherish and you have a village and a town that you came from which must be referenced as long as you live.

You cannot be torn apart from your root. Not even your religion should do that! Not even your new life and successes. Not even your spouse.

We are told to leave father and mother to get serious in marriage. But the Holy Scripture did not tell us to reject them but that rather honour your father and mother. The point is this, to leave father and mother in marriage is to be independent of your parent’s interference with your marriage. It is to transfer the love you have for your parents to your new spouse. And that is marriage. But you are not to dishonour your parents and outrightly neglect them because of marriage. They are your parents and they will always as long as you live regardless of who they are or what they have done to you. They are part of your ‘root’.

The same goes for your ethnic group and your cultural background. When It comes to life generally, they are your roots and you can not deny your root and you cannot ‘work’ against them because of your new discovery.

Religion that pitches you up against your own ethnic group due to opposing religious beliefs is not worthy. Religion that tells you to subjugate or evil kill your own father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, relatives, and ethnic group because they don’t believe in what you believe is not a worthy religion. That religion is attacking your root. We are not telling you to dine with the devil but what I am saying is that when it comes to the general wellbeing of your people, you have a duty. You must find a way to improve their welfare as much as you are working towards their spiritual awakening. You must love your neighbors as yourself! Not only the neighbor that belief in what you believe but also those who reject your ideology! Love them as yourself!

Your political party and your new caucus whose ideologies are aimed at incapacitating your people and region must be discarded. They are using you to attack your root!

Even nature does not want us to go against our roots, especially when the ideological views of our people are not ungodly. As long as their cultural heritage is not promoting human hatred, crimes, and brutality, we cannot condemn them.

Even science can not recreate without a sample from the root. To clone a man, you need samples from the man. To graft a plant, you need the old rootstock. Interestingly, the sweet orange comes from a new scion but must be grafted upon the old bitter rootstock. That is my point! Your New Life, your new Faith, your new spouse, and your new vocation all have roots! They are grafted upon a rootstock that may be old or unproductive yet, the roots should be honored the way the new is reverend.

I am in the field that produces seedlings. I know what I am talking about. Many times, to bud a sweet orange, we need the rootstock of a (bitter) lemon plant.

No matter the good life you have found today, it all started from the bitter old life somewhere in a remote town or village. It all started with a father, or a mother, or with a sibling or relatives or ethnicity or a so-called undeveloped nation. They might not be good-looking yet, they remain your root!

We all certainly have an unsweetened ‘lemonic’ old rootstock! Our sweet scion today has been budded by divine providence upon those rugged stocks!

Don’t you still wonder how Jesus Christ has always been referred to as Jesus of Nazareth? The fact that He came from heaven as a Son of God and has miraculous powers to heal the sick and to raise the dead does not cancel the fact that He is from a village called Nazareth. His root was never forgotten! He is being referred to as the Son of God as well as the Son of man!!

When the time comes for Abraham to get a good wife for his son, he remembered his people whom we initially thought he had abandoned and neglected in the past. The same goes for Jacob. He ran to his Uncle to evade death by his twin brother Esau.

Are you working against your own race, ethnicity, parents, and friends because of your religious, political, and cultural affiliate? Are you pulling down the system that could have given your own people better life because of your own selfish personal political and religious beliefs? That is too bad!

However, when our roots consistently produce bitterness against other human races, then we must totally be re-grafted upon a better stock. When your race and ethnicity are becoming Satanic, brutal, and evil 🐍, then you must discard them and start a new life with people of sane mind. That was what Rahab, the Harlot did. She joined her lineage with another better human stock. That should also be our decision. We must discard our old sinful Adamic root and be grafted upon Jesus, the better Rootstock of Jesse!

Don’t forget that the stream that forgets its source will eventually dry up. The fellow that supports a religious, political, or foreign policy that perpetually enslaves his people is a vagabond that must go down in history as a traitor.

Abraham left the idolatrous practices of his people but not their persons. Jacob joined his uncle Laban for about 20 years but not his idols.

In our political pursuit, our religious liberty, and our sociocultural affiliations; we are to do our best. But at the same time, we are not to forget our people far back at home. You may be privileged to be in the best part of the world but don’t forget your root, the people, and the loved ones at home.

Let me repeat this: The fellow that supports a religious, political, or foreign policy that perpetually enslaves his own people is a vagabond that must go down in history as a traitor.

Any politician that neglects to care for his people is not worthy of a second term!

Any clergyman that despises his race and people does not have a message.

Any businessman that contributed nothing to the people from where he came from is a Vivian

We are to hold on to our faiths but we are not to wipe out the paths through which we came!

Pastor ‘Biodun Eniola
28/07/2021 –

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