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The breathtaking Obangogo Hill In Kogi state, Nigeria’s Tourist Delight

Obangogo Hill Kabba which derives its name from its tilted top, is situated in Egunbe community in Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State, North Central Nigeria. It is one of the most magnificent hills in the country and a tourist center to look out for.

There have been calls for Obangogo Hill and Nature Park to be recognized by UNESCO because of its Cultural and Natural history.

Obangogo is located less than 5 kilometers off Okene-Kabba Express Way by the permanent site of College of Education (Technical), Gbeleko.

The hill is as old as the earth itself and what makes it unique are some of the features, which are synonymous to the historic background of Owe-Kabba Kingdom.

Going down memory lane, Egunbe community was very powerful in ancient Owe kingdom because they were the first people to settle outside the present location of Kabba town.
The community came into existence as a result of the activities of the Nupe warriors who invaded the entire Okunland. The hill became a place of abode for people that sought refuge there.

As at that time, the land of Egunbe was very fertile for the people’s farming activities, which made them to become one of the richest and powerful communities in Owe Kingdom.

Some mysterious facts surrounding obangogo hill include the story of Elegha, the Ako kereje, the coffin that transformed into a stone.

Also, there is a portion of the rock that sounds as good as a talking drum.
Obangogo holds a five mystical lake on the hill called ‘’Ako’ and they never run out of water all year round. The lake served as the main source of water for the people back then.

In reality, this hill is more fascinating than Olumo Rock in AbeokutaOgun state.

Owe forum, an organized group of elites in the society, have visited the site on 27th Dec,2013, to check the possibility of exploring the tourism aspect of the hill.

What is required now at Obangogo is for the state government to provide necessary infrastructures like accessible road network, electricity, accommodation facilities etc.

Location of obangogo is not easily accessible for now and how long that will last depend on government and private tourism promoters and international tourists who discover its importance.

The serene environment makes meditation enjoyable.
The rocks on the hills takes different shapes and forms.
It is believed that the water on the hill has healing powers to cure diseases.
It is also believed that any prayer rendered on the hill will most likely manifest.



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