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Obangogo Hill, History and Fascinating Features

Obangogo Hills in the 16th to 19th centuries means one significant thing to the Okun-Yoruba people of Kogi State, (the Owe and Ogidi people in particular), in this years of prevailing warfare and slave trade, to these people of old, the Obangogo hill was a safe heaven.

The hill top and it caves hid and protected them from advancing armies and slave raiders in times past.

“History has it that during many of the invasions by the Jihadists and Nupes warriors, the people climbed up the hill after which they poured sheabutter to make it slippery and prevent the assailants from climbing and reaching them.

This way, the people were able to roll down boulders of stones on their enemies below.”

In recent times, Obangogo hills has metamorphosed into a major tourism site for the tourist lovers across the globe, its inspiring fascinating peculiarities has successfully helped it become a historical monument and center of attraction for Kogi state and North central Nigeria.

– A visit to this tourist site is no doubt an exploration of nature’s excellence in an exceptional historically rich and adventurous environment coupled with the intriguing artifacts, folklore and mythology that has been passed through generations about the ancient hill. 

The site gained major attention 2013 at the maiden edition of the annual mountaineering events and has since then successfully sustained growth and momentum.

The drastic increase in the influx of visitors every year is commendable.

Particularly the rising interest of state and non state actors, dignitaries and organizations.

In the 2016 edition of the Obangogo event by Rashidat Bello, wife of Kogi state Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello was conferred “Face of Obangogo mountain resort”

-“The Obangogo mountain, located in Egunbe (a suburb settlement) in Kabba, Owe Kingdom according to history, was formed as a result of volcanic eruption dated thousand of years ago.

This igneous rock, which is geographically located on a longitude of 176638.210E, Latitude of 857813.110N, is about  4.8 kilometres flight distance from the main highway of Kabba – Okene and has an elevation (summit) of 615.50 metres above the sea level. 

The hill is about 200 meters taller than the famous Mount Patti (Where Lord Lugard and Flora Shaw coined the name Nigeria) in Lokoja, making it the second tallest mountain in Kogi State after the famous Oke-Esa in Idagbon of Ikowo-opa in Owe land which is the highest mountain in the present Kogi state. 

Standing on top of Obangogo, one can view Osara, Okene and parts of Lokoja metropolis that are several kilometres away.

Since 2013, the locals and authorities of the Obangogo mountain resort and several other indigenous and international partnering organizations has consistently organized annual social cultural carnival at the tourist site with highlight events of mountain climbing and a gala/awards night to celebrate the rich nature and historical resource of the site and to celebrate people of interest.

There has been a great development over the years in the events, the number of visitors has over time increased by more than 500% since the first event with over 6000 participants (tourists, visitors and hikers) at the last event and more than 20,000 visitors since 2013.

According to the Chairman Obangogo 2023 central planning committee, Dr. Tosin Z. OLUYOKO, this year’s event is promised to be even more bigger and better.

The renowned investment banker, political economist and CPC Chairman hints about technological innovations and introduction of more visitors engagement events like treasure hunt on the mountain and many other fun engagements into this year’s Obangogo events. 

There has been tourist visitors from several African countries, from America and from Europe in past editions. 

“A group of prominent indigenes from the state, including advertising executive Steve Babaeko, have now started to push that the hill be recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site”

However, Obangogo mountain resort is nothing close to the vision prospects of the site as a world class tourist destination for all tourist lovers across the globe.

A tourist destination that will be readily available and accessible for visitors and campers all year round like its contemporaries e.g. Olumo rock in Abeokuta, against just once in a year as currently running. 

Apart from the very rich natural resources and breath taking monuments and artifacts there present, there are little or no technological driven modern infrastructures to further prosper the resourcefulness of the tourist site. 

Some of the fascinating features to look out for at the site and events; 

– Local cuisines of the Kabba, Owe Kingdom people (Okun-Yoruba)

– Musical entertainment 

– 615.50 meters tilted mountain top for aesthetic views 

– Traditional games and sports 

– Oriki competition 

– Hiking/ Treasure hunt 

– Uncommon cave that can accommodate more than half a thousand people

– Spring water

– Talking stone-drum (a fascinating part of the hill that sounds exactly like a drum)

– Mystery stone coffin

– Healing water 

– Masquerade (Egungun dance)

– Tour guide 

– Folklore

– People & Networking 

– Trade fares 

– Gala/ Awards night 

“The historic facts about the hill include the story of Elegha, the Ako kereje, kereje, the coffin that turned to stone, there is a portion of the rock that is as good as a talking drum.

There is a spring of water that never dries the year round. It served as the main source of water for the people then.

There is also the mystical lake called ‘ako’. There are five of them and they never run dry despite their stagnation, the healing water on the hill top and lots more.

Plan and prepare to attend the Obangogo mountain resort, events in Kabba Kogi state, Nigeria every December 27th

Obangogo hill is a travel/ tourist destination where nature’s excellence meets with cultural heritage abundance, serenity and fascinating realities, where visitor’s adventurous and tourist expectations are satisfied. 

It is a site for reawakening, a destination for discovery and explorations of nature’s excellence. The perfect place for nature’s driven inspirations and impactation.

It’s tourism and nature for self discovery and explorations at Obangogo mountain resort events.  

Obangogo mountain resort, the emerging Africa’s culture and nature wonderland.