Thursday, February 22, 2024

My Experience At Post Office Lokoja

Since its establishment, Post office Lokoja have proven to be quite effective and reliable place to pick up your shipments from Abroad.

For over three years, I have constantly gone to Post office Lokoja to pick up my waybill packages in perfect condition.

How to get your goods delivered to Lokoja from an online store

If you live in Nigeria, every time you make a purchase from Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon, or some other online store and you opt to use their standard company shipping method, which is not DHL, UPS, or some big delivery company, they usually send your package to the post office closest to where you live.

Once you enter the Zip code correctly in your shipping address, you will get your package delivered successfully unless for some rare circumstances where a package might get lost along the way. Probability of a lost package is very low less than 10%, and it may never happen to you.

Post Office Lokoja Address and Zip Code

ADRESS: Opposite First Bank, Murtala Muhammad way, Lokoja, Kogi state
ZIP CODE: 260101

How to receive AdSense PIN in Lokoja, Kogi sate, Nigeria

If you’re a blogger in Kogi state, and you have applied for AdSense PIN, endeavor to visit Lokoja post office after four weeks to check for your PIN, because it is most likely that it have been delivered.

Recently, I went there to check for my PIN which I requested from Google less than four weeks ago and surprisingly I found that it’s been delivered and waiting for me to pick it up.

To my greatest surprise, at the post office I met more than 50 old and new PINs of other bloggers waiting to be collected.

As long as you have entered the right postal code, your PIN is likely to arrive safely.

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