Thursday, September 21, 2023

Mr and Miss Igala Nigeria 2021; Showcasing Igala Culture, Intellect, And Beauty

Mr and Miss Igala Nigeria is an annual pageant which showcases the beautiful and intellectual attributes of the Igala woman and man.

The event is put together to promote Igala culture and heritage and to equip the Igala youth with the traditional and cultural values of the Igala people while emphasizing on decency.

It Started in 2016 as Miss Igala Nigeria, and eventually graduated into Mr and Miss Igala Nigeria the event has since represented the peak of ideals; a combination of cultural heritage, intelligence, beauty, and class.

Organized by Confluence Concept Production Limited, the 2021 edition of Mr and Miss Igala Nigeria is expected to be the biggest pageantry show in the whole North Central Nigeria.

Mr and Miss Igala Nigeria 2021 as a cultural event promises to be educative, entertaining with lots of fun.

Musical performance by:

  • Jumabee
  • Zulezoo
  • Aleqs Chizar
  • Agih Moral
  • and lots more.

Dance performance by Cultural troops, Kindred dancers and others,
Runway Model, and comedies and games.

Date and Venue

Date: Sunday, 28th November, 2021.
Time: 6:00pm.
Venue: Nicon Luxury, Area 11 Abuja.

Come experience the rich culture of the Igala Kingdom live in the city of Abuja.