Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Kogi State Government Shuts Down Dangote Cement Company For Failure To Remit Tax

Dangote Trailers barricated all roads leading to Obajana Cement plant to prevent the premises from being shut down.

After several hours, the officials finally find a way out by trekking about 4 kilometres from the barricated road to the plant.

The operation to shut down the plant was successful because the youths at obajana and some of the staffs  joined in the operation as they complained of being neglected by the company.

The state government insisted that the company started as Kogi Cement Company, and at what point was it change to Dangote Cement Company?

The State Government also want the ten percent shares of kogi state from the company since it started, and it also wants the company to perform it’s social responsibilities to the people.

Kogi state government shuts Down Dangote