Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Kogi State Government House, Lokoja. Nigeria’s First Seat of Power

Kogi state government House also known as Lugard House is the seat of power of the Kogi state government.

The earliest structures at the present day government was built by the British government during the colonial era.

Kogi state government House is located in GRA, close to Lokoja Club 1901.

Lokoja was the first administrative headquarter of Nigeria. Sir Fredrick Lugard governed both the Northern and Southern Protectorate of Nigeria from the present day Kogi government House.

Although the building have been remodeled and new structures have been added by subsequent state governors since the creation of Kogi state in 1991, the Old Lord Lugard office can still be found in the government House premises of Kogi state.

Some of the added buildings at the kogi state government House are:

  • Glass House
  • Government House mosque
  • Government House Chapel
  • Blueprint.

The Present Director General of Kogi state government House is Alhaji Shuaibu Oricha.