Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Hassan Adejoh Ajebo; The Male Crossdresser From Ankpa, Kogi State

Usman Hassan Adejoh Ajebo is a graduate of Kogi state university Anyigba who prides himself as the only crossdresser from Kogi.


  • Makeup artist
  • Dancer
  • Twerker
  • Actor
  • Fashionista

Hassan Ajebo is an Igala man who hails from Dekina Local government area of Kogi state.

Hassan in Native attire

Although he is not the only crossdresser from Kogi, he seem to be the most forward and Outspoken of them all.

He has been described as Kogi Bobrisky and also Ankpa Bobrisky because he is the crossdresser from Ankpa.

He is said to be fully into fashion business in Abuja, and crossdressing seem to be his business and publicity strategy.

Hassan Adejoh

Hassan Adejoh is a fulltime fashionista and make-up artist, he does what he knows how to do best. He owns a store in Kubwa, Abuja, and seem to be doing well at the moment.

His choice of dressing and lifestyle have been met with mixed reactions from members of his community, especially those from Kogi state. While some are in displeasure others are in full support of his lifestyle and strategy.

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