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Jimgbe Beach Lokoja, the most Beautiful Beach in Northern Nigeria

Jimgbe beach is located in the Lokoja area of Kogi state and is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in Northern Nigeria. It is a popular spot for canoe and boat rides, photoshoot, sunbathing, and fishing, beach games, picnics and it offers wonderful views of Lokoja waters.

It is easy to mistake Jimgbe for a desert because of the large sand dune deposited in the area, but typically it serves the purpose of a beach.

Although it doesn’t come with constant ocean waves like the beach in Lagos, Jimgbe is still a beautiful site to behold.

Everyone loves beaches. Walking on fine soft sand, cool breeze, and the scenic views are what contributes to the chilling factor of the ultimate beach destination.

How was Jimgbe Beach Lokoja formed?

Jimgbe is the sandy river bed of the great River Niger, the Largest river in West Africa.

During dry season, River Niger shrinks and exposes the huge sand deposited at the bottom of the river.

This river bed is so clean and massive, its beauty attracts tourists from within and outside Kogi State.

Where is Jimgbe Beach Located?

Jimgbe, Lokoja

The beach is located in a town called “Jimgbe”. About fifteen minutes drive from Lokoja town, along Lokoja-Ajaokuta Road, Kogi state.

Fun activities at Jimgbe beach

beach volleyball

Canoe and boat ride
Beach Volleyball
Photo shoot

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