Monday, February 19, 2024

How to Build Your Online Trust Score to Successfully Sell Physical Products In Nigeria

If you don’t build your Online Trust Score, you cannot successfully, profitably, and without overwhelm, sell physical products in Nigeria.

If you sell physical products…

Without OTS, pay-on-delivery will suck your profits like a child sucking a pack of Ribena juice.

How to start a business in Nigeria with a low budget

If you refuse Pay-On-Delivery, you will lose a lot of sales from genuine prospects who really want to buy but do not trust you.

Here are some suggestions on how to build your Online Trust Score in Nigeria:

How do customers know you are not a scam account on social media, so they can buy from you without demanding pay-on-delivery?

Warning: All the suggestions may not fit into your own business. Take the ones that work for you and leave the rest for others.

  1. Register your business with CAC and open a proper corporate bank account with a commercial bank. Give this account to customers to pay you. A scam account will most often not use a corporate account from a proper commercial bank.
  2. Have well-optimized social media pages. Post on your page often and build a healthy social media page(s) with history. A scam account is not likely to be 5 years old or older.
  3. Write thank-you messages or post testimonials that show real people. Remember to watermark these posts so scam accounts do not steal them.
  4. Join groups that have escrow services. There are Facebook groups where a buyer will pay the admin, then the seller will deliver, and then the admin will pay the seller.
  5. Put a Face to the brand. Post pictures and videos of you, the business owner, and remember to watermark them with your brand name.
  6. Make videos that show backend processes and activities. Show the warehouse, show the making process, show the team, show how orders are going out, and mention the name of your business several times in the videos. Remember to watermark the videos too.
  7. Have both your phone number and email displayed at the top of your page. Whoever is trained to pick calls must pick quickly and with a confident voice.
  8. Share valuable content, not just product pictures. Let them know you have knowledge in that area. If you sell furniture, for example, publish valuable posts about home styling furniture tips and other such.
  9. Create a page on Nairaland for you Product