Thursday, September 21, 2023

Google Developers Group to Host Cloud Engineering Training in Lokoja

In a quest to increase & build a conducive ecosystem for tech developers in Lokoja, the Google Developer Group in Lokoja is ready to host 6 weeks of Cloud Engineering training.

After hosting its first Google’s IO Extended’22 that took place at the Computer Science Laboratory, Federal University Lokoja.

A Study Jam is a collective learning program combining practical developer experience with Google Cloud expertise.

Road to Google Developers Certification:

Google Cloud is a set of community-run events for developers who want to increase their knowledge about Google Cloud or prepare for a certification.

Participants with a keen interest in cloud technology are trained to hone their google cloud skills and further their cloud knowledge through interactive classrooms and hands-on labs.

With over 1,100+ Google Developer Groups around the world, attendees can join a global community of eager-to-learn professionals.

This program allows participants to get FREE GCP Credits and access to Cloud Skills Boost for 3 calendar months, gain hands-on training and live Q&As between September 3rd – 8th of October, 2022.

Perks Include:
Free access to resource learning platform (Cloud Skills Boost), hands-on labs, a $55+ value.

Earn FREE Google Cloud skill badges to show your skills and expertise. A Google Cloud skill badge is a digital badge issued by Google Cloud in recognition of an individual’s cloud competency.

No need to register with a credit card.

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