Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Climate Change – Photos of Flood in Lokoja Kogi State

The flood in Lokoja, Kogi State is massive as many areas of the state have been submerged under water.

Kogi state is located in the North Central region of Nigeria with close proximity to the great rivers Niger and Benue.

Pictures Flood in Lokoja

Photos of relief camps for flood victims in Kogi State

Causes of Flood in Kogi state

The flood in Lokoja, Ibaji, Koto, Idah and other parts of Kogi State is caused by the heavy rainfall, and the release of water from Ladgo dam in Cameroon which caused the river Niger and Benue to overflow. Lokoja sits at the confluence of the Niger and Benue which makes it prone to flood.

Residents of Lokoja are adviced to move to higher grounds to avoid future disaster.