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Five reasons why you think Lokoja is a small town

If you live in lokoja you would have no choice but to agree with me that we know ourselves very well, and a town where everybody knows everybody is usually perceived as a small town.

And if you do not live in Lokoja, let me tell you this; down here everybody knows everybody.

So, one day in Lokoja, I was on my way to Ganaja village to see a friend all the way from Lokongoma Phase Two area where I currently reside. I boarded a Tricycle (Keke Napep) which already had two other female passengers inside, by their appearances, these ladies are the type of girls you would want to describe as a Typical Lokoja Slay Queen.

As usual, the keke rider was drifting through the potholes of Ganaja road like a Safari Racer, everyone onboard was mute until the moment one of the girls broke the silence and said to her friend who was sitting next to her “Babe, for this town ehn, you no fit lie give anybody say you travel o”.

Then her friend replied “Na Ganaja Junction the person go don catch you”.

I paused for a minute to reflect on what they just said … I quite agree with them.

So no matter who you are, whatever you do, if you reside in Lokoja, have this at the back of your mind … We know ourselves a lot. You can’t hide!

Aside the fact that Lokoja is a relatively small town which recently started growing, there are other factors which make people’s faces become so regular.

Randomly, I’m going to give five reasons why I feel Lokoja residents know themselves like the palms of their hands.

  1. Same faces at separate social events
social event image

So you are the social type. You like to catch a glimpse of every event that is happening within town, well, good news for you; as Baba Ojonugwa JFO would always say “showbiz in Kogi is fully back”!

But let me warn you; If you’re attending Miss Kogi beauty pageant, you’re likely to be sitting next to the guy whom you sat next to at Miss Tourism show, and same thong will happen in almost every other concerts, hangouts, picnics, etc.

If you’re attending Ferry Benard’s Birthday, there’s chances that you’ll sit next to the babe which you sat with at Edime Edime’s birthday.

Same with political gatherings.
Same with chilling spots and night clubs in Lokoja. Over here we all attend same events.

2. Ganaja Junction

Ganaja junction Lokoja

Ganaja Junction Lokoja is one the most famous junction in northern Nigeria, because it is widely used by travelers across the country as a link between Northern and Eastern Nigeria.

So, what has being a link between the North and the East got do with making everybody to know everybody?

Well, Ganaja Junction also one of the most widely used spots in Lokoja, aside being the route that links you to major parts within the city such as; Zango, Army Barracks, Phase 2, Phase 1, Lokongoma, is also links you to the eastern Axis of Commissioners Quarters, Gadumo, Aniebo Quaters, 500 Housing Units, 200 Housing Units, Peace Community and every other street all the way to Ganaja village and Beyond.

It is almost impossible to access parts of the town from the places that I’ve mentioned above without passing through Ganaja Junction.

If you are heading to Lokoja new market or old market, even if it is post office or Mr. Biggs area, you’d pass through Ganaja Junction.

Ganaja Junction is a place where a lot of trading activities are carried out.
From the finest Boutiques to the coldest beer, and the fastest phone and Laptop accessories, all in one place.

Someone once hinted me that the biggest cigarrete seller in Kogi can be found in Ganaja Junction.

Ironically there are only two ATM spots in lokoja; First Bank Ganaja Junction and the rest.

There’s a popular saying that if someone that resides in Lokoja tells you he’s not in town, the easy way to confirm is to spare few hours and wait at Ganaja Junction, you’re likely to see him walk or drive by.

3. Clubs and Bars In Lokoja

Photo credit: Pixabay.

Some popular clubs and bars in Lokoja are

  • Krest Karaoke bar
  • Lounge one
  • NUJ
  • 16 hour bar
  • Golden Lounge
  • Deuces Lounge
  • Zahra Gardens
  • 3Gs event center
  • Ganaja Junction Open Bar

They say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and Lokoja has a million Jacks that takes their fun seriously. People of different social class gather every day of the week especially during weekends to drink and unwind while club and bar owners smile to the bank.

4. Higher institutions in Kogi state

Kogi state university students watching campus football game

The major higher schools of in Kogi state are:
Kogi State University, Anyigba (KSU).
Kogi state Polytechnic, Lokoja.
Federal University Lokoja.
Federal Polytechnic Idah.

If by chance you schooled in any of these institutions, you’re most likely to meet a lot of Lokoja residents who are also students there.

5. Facebook and Facebook only.

Facebook homepage.

First of all, you cannot claim to be from Lokoja and not have at least 30 mutual Facebook friends with me.

Facebook is the most popular social media website in the world, coincidentally the most popular in Kogi state and Lokoja town.

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