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EGBE MEKUN CARNIVAL – What You Need To Know About The Biggest Festival In Yagba


With an estimated population of 20,000 as at 2019, one would ordinarily envisage a socio-cultural development buzzing with life and rich cultural economy in Egbe town.

A summer or winter vacation home situated in Egbe will be nice considering the ancient hills that surrounds the town which earned her the nickname “Jerusalem in Nigeria”, the sweet fog rising at morning and the warmth it emit at night or it’s numerous tourist/historical sites.

Sites like the Ilaga Turtle pond, Ile Oro (Atogbadi) ancient armory etc. which would garner hordes of tourist home and abroad to Okun land if open to the world.

After a close observation, it is now clear that the indigenes of Egbe living outside the town only come for visitation during Christmas, and their children have seen homecoming as mere visitation to grandparents with no other activity to indulge in, or a place to visit.

Many visitors to Egbe town have little or no knowledge about the town. To some the only actual difference between their urban home and the home in Egbe is the presence of their grandparent at one end and the absence at the other, they keep indoor and press their phones, anxiously awaiting departure, no sense of cultural home, nothing to look forward to.

A town they say “is dead not only when it loses population, but when it has lost its cultural and traditional norms. What distinguish each town from another is basically its tradition.

Egbe Mekun Carnival is a reawakening call to preserve what is ours by nature, we hereby sort to take these positive Stand, we present to all far and near, home and abroad, a Christmas home coming like never before, we propose a Christmas with no dulling moment, an equinox laced with Rich cultural display. EGBE A GBE A Ooooo.

  Aims and objective Egbe Mekun Carnival

  • To bring Egbe Mekun to the limelight through Tourism
  • Encouraging Yabga and Okun folks in the diaspora to inculcate the habits of home coming, and to bring all the town thrill, and also urbanizing our local thrills beyond urban level.
  • To Foster unity among the youth of the community.
  • To boost economic stability of the town through tourist attraction and to boost market for our local traders and craftsmen/women.
  • To curb incessant rural-urban migration rates in Okun land.
  • Recognition, reawakening of cultural values in Egbe.
  • Creating an avenue where the progenies will learn and know more about their language and the community.
  • Promoting our own language. This is to help the younger generation to learn and appreciate the Yagba dialects.
  • To improve revenue generation by encouraging local and foreign investors, as the carnival would in no little measure open Egbe mekun, Yagba west, Kogi state as the newest wonderland as it promise a new lot of Discovery to all.

List of activities at Egbe Mekun Carnival

The four days festival will consist of the following events:

  • Cultural day
  • Pageantry
  • Making of local delicacies
  • Tourism
  • Hiking
  • Local games
  • Picnic
  • Presentation of awards
  • Trade Fair
  • Burn fire
  • Street carnival
  • Radio program

Event Outline

Monday 27th December 2021

  • Street carnival

Tuesday 28th December 2021

  • Knowing Mekun (tour)
  • Pageantry (Miss mekun)

Wednesday 29th December 2021

  • Hiking and picnic

Thursday 30th December 2021

  • Cultural day
  • Ina oye (burn fire)

Proposed speakers

  • Oba Ayodele Irukera Ajamoto II (The Elegbe of Egbe )
  • Rev Babawarun
  • Mrs Ayoade Arike Folashade (SSG to the governor of Kogi state)
  • Hon. Femi Bolaji (SA to the governor of Kogi state on culture and tourism)
  • Hon. Kingsley Fanwo (Commissioner of information kogi state)

And lot more…

Proposed art

  • Jaywon
  • Jumabee
  • Churchy
  • Ruger
  • Muka Ray
  • Olokeshina Peter’s

And home artists….

Contact us:

Phone Number: 08154383884

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