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Ebira Baby Names And Meaning

If you are searching for some beautiful Ebira baby names with good meaning to give to your newborn baby boy or girl, we have compiled a list of beautiful male and female names which you can use to name your child.

Some people bear Ebira names but cannot explain its meaning, this could be an opportunity for you to know the meaning of your Ebira name.

The importance of tribal names is that it helps in identify with your culture and heritage.

According to a research, among all tribes in Nigeria, only the Hausa people of Northern Nigeria were found to not have tribal names, which explains why they use the name of their town or village in naming themselves as their tribal names; e.g. Tafawa Balewa, Amino Kano etc.

Here are some Ebira baby names and meaning;

Ebira male names and meaning

Ajimituwho: Spare me today till tomorrow.

Avidime: The initiator who works is subsequently perfected by those follows his lead.

Asipita: A child of History.

Amewuru: The announcer of confusion, or the man who causes chaos.

Adeeku: Father of masquerade.

Adabara: Father of the house.

Adajinege: The tallest (highest) of them all.

Adavize: Father of riches.

Adeyiza: Father of fortune/gift.

Adomuha: Father of able bodied man.

Adooro: The one that is a hurdle to scale.

Aduvo: Father of hand.

Ajooze: The one standing on the way.

Adinoyi: The father of the multitude who serves as a protective umbrella shielding others who are in need of protection.

Adaviruku: The name is usually given to the hero of the family.

Azamare: Test (Trial). He who is under the test of God for survival.

Eniyamere: That which the eye has seen.

Ezuhio: Foretold by the many or the multitude.

Enebe: Foretold by the many or multitude.

Enesi: The child that is greatly sought for, the much-loved child.

Itopa: A historic child.

Ovavi: Child named after a sequence of previous children.

Onoto: One which is proud and self-centered.

Onoruoiza: A Goodman.

Onotu: The one that is met.

Onume: The one in the period of time.

Onuwoji: The counsellor.

Onimisi: The one I like or the one I seek.

Omeiza: The one that gives money.

Oricha: One which is surrendered to me.

Ozovehe: Man is the symbol of life or creation.

Otori: Friend of the oracle or the temple for worship.

Ozomata: One which is healed by hope and abundance for the future. It is the symbolism for continuity and eternal creation by God.

Uhuotu: Translates that this world is just a stage and we are all players or spectators to play our respective parts and roles until we die.

Ebira female names and meaning

Asimi: If humans will allow me the survival of this child.

Anayimi: That which has been given or surrendered to me.

Anoze: That which was delivered on the way to farm, or that which is to open the gate for others to follow.

Ananwureyi: That which is signaled by memorable events.

Aze: A child of difficult circumstance.

Ireyi: Predicted by some memorable events.

Orahachi: One that finds a place to dwell.

Onyeche: Usually named after a festival, means the mother of the festival.

Omata: Creation and nature is infinite.

Onsachi: One who accepts to be sent.

Onuchi: One who helps to bring down the load from the head.

Onozare: That which is seen by the naked eye, or is God-given.

Onize: Owner of Wealth/Riches.

Ebira Unisex names and meaning

Otuwho: A child named after series of deaths of other children in a family.

Ochiiji: Child of a notoriously quarrelsome mother.  

Osheyiza: That which is memorable or can be used as a witness.

Onozasi. The one people desire or seek.

Onuya: The victim.


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