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Arabian Tea | Medical Benefits, Ingredients and Everything You Need to Know

Because of its numerous benefits, Arabian tea, also known as Hausa tea, is becoming increasingly popular in major Nigerian cities, especially in the northern parts.

Arabian tea is called Hausa tea because Hausa men are typically known for making and serving the tea.

Over time, people have switched from taking beer to drinking tea due to certain reasons that will be explained in this article.

Here are some benefits of taking Arabian tea

Arabian tea is purely organic. The tea is made manually from natural ingredients that are sourced locally. Nothing is foreign, and you can see how it is being prepared.

Arabian tea is cheaper than most drinks at the bar. The price of a jug of Arabian tea ranges from 500 naira to 3000 naira, depending on where you buy it.

Health Benefits of Arabian Tea

Arabian tea is a new discovery for those who want to improve their healthy drinking habits.

Arabian tea is believed to contain natural aphrodisiacs, popularly known as BuranTashi.

Drinking Arabian tea offers numerous benefits, including improving brain function and physical alertness.

Arabian tea is proven to contain antioxidants that will cleanse your body.

The contents of Arabian tea will lower the risk of cancer.

The tea contains healthy bioactive compounds that stimulate your metabolism, help you lose weight, speed fat burning, and maintain a healthy fit.

Arabian tea contains anti-aging substances that give you a radiant look as well as protect one’s brain from quick aging.

Another medical benefit of Arabian tea is that it helps in the management and prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Arabian tea may help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Nutritional experts suggest that taking at least 5 cups of tea per day is a journey to enjoy the fullness of life and well-being.

Experts suggest that the secret to a healthy, long life is the habit of drinking tea daily. Not only does it restore normalcy, but it also fights diseases.

The health benefits of drinking Arabian tea can be easily seen in those who drink it daily.

The Tea ingredients

The major ingredients to make Arabian tea are

Black loose leaf tea (Lipton)
Mint leaf
Fresh ginger
Lemon or Lime
Honey or sugar, to taste.

Where to get Arabian tea in Nigeria

The ingredients to make Arabian tea can be gotten from local markets where Hausa traders are dominant.

Luckily, with the advent of technology, lovers of Arabian tea can order from the internet at various online stores.

If you feel too lazy to make your Arabian tea at home, there are tea joints where you can sit out to drink and have fun all over northern and southern Nigeria.

Some popular Arabian tea joints

  • Gimbiya Street, Area 11, Garki Abuja
  • NUJ Street, Lokoja, Kogi State
  • Kofar Dan Agudi, Kano State

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