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Advantages Of Marrying An Ebira Woman

Ebira Wedding

If you are searching for advantages of marrying an Ebira woman from Kogi State, you are in the right place.

Quick facts about Ebira people:

  • They are generally referred to as Anebira.
  • Major parts of EBIRA Land is situated in the central part of Kogi state, Nigeria.
  • Ebira people are generally known to be rich in culture and tradition.

Getting married to an Ebira lady comes with benefits that cannot be overlooked, and if you are not yet married, you should consider marrying an Ebira lady because of the following benefits that awaits you:

Ebira women knows how to cook delicious delicacies

Afrcan dishes

Are you interested in eating different tasty delicacies? Then you should consider marrying an Ebira woman from Okene and environ, the average Ebira woman is versatile in the kitchen, they are good in cooking and in other house chores. Some delicious delicacies to enjoy from from Ebiraland are ìyá (pounded yam) and epi papara (egusi soup), draw soup, black soup, epe eza, epe igorigo, epe ebaatu, etc.

 Ebira women are talented and intelligent

Natasha Apoti

The typical Ebira woman is highly intelligent and talented in many fields. We have a lot of beautiful Ebira women working as engineers, doctors, Fashion designers lawyers, journalists, hair stylists, bead markers, and so on. They are most talented in crafts such as cloth weaving, embroidery and entertainment. So, when you marry an Ebira woman, be assured that she will bring something to the table with her talents. The average Ebira woman have the capacity to will proffer a logical solution to almost every problem you put before her.

They are beautiful and loving

Mercy Johnson and husband

If you’re contemplating whether you should marry an Ebira woman or not? You should remove doubts from your thoughts. Ebira women are considered the most physically attractive in Kogi state. They highly emotional and they seem to love deeply.

They are quite virtuous and religious

Majority of Ebira women practice either Christianity or Islam, while few adheres to the traditional African religion and they are devout to the core.

They value culture and tradition

Local Ebira women

Ebira women are known to hold at high esteem their culture and tradition. Most Ebira you will meet have respect for their culture and they display some cultural traits like respectful, decency and dignity. An Ebira woman will make respectful and responsible wife.

Bride price in Ebira land is not costly

Dowry in Ebira land

Payment of Bride price also known as Dowry is one of the first rights a man will take to give him legal and cultural right over the woman he’s seeing.

While some ethnic groups’ in Nigeria seem to place a high price on dowry during the marriage process, which in some cases the Grooms find it exuberant, Ebira culture encourages a friendly and affordable bride price. Thereby, process of marrying an Ebira woman is quiet easy and less expensive.

They are good in bedmatics

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It is a general belief that Ebira Women from Okene are good in bed. If you want to enjoy a great sex life when you get married, then you should consider marrying an Ebira woman.

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